The M&A consultant must be able to think and work across disciplines. We always combine M&A with Corporate Development, so that our clients businesses can grow and their values ​​are increased. In addition to strategic and operational skills in the management of companies, the financial and business world is becoming increasingly global, digital and influenced by governance rules. To meet those demands highly detailed skills are required.

Our partners have successfully studied law, business administration, economics and engineering in the fields of electrical engineering, geology and geophysics. The know-how comprises not only the economics, operational and financial issues but also technological understanding and comprehensive methodological competence. Quality and system analysis or intercultural and digital literacy can be as important as the pure financial figures.

In addition to corporate development and sales mandates, we are increasingly responsible for the acquisition and implementation of national and international M&A projects.

The protection of anonymity is our first principle. The new factors in enterprise analysis and evaluation overcome the limits of traditional Investment Banking and a new style between the financial world, service providers and entrepreneurs emerges.

In order to meet these challenges and position ourselves for the future, we have established ourselves as a flexible partner:

Team Münster

Jost Braukmann

Founder and Managing Director

Kim Nico Bruning




Enayatul Haque

Big Data and Project Manager


Marketing and Corporate Design


International Research

Fabrice Ngassam

Analyst and Project Manager


Financial Analyst

Marcel Bode

Analyst and Research

Dr. Hinnerk

Managing Partner Spain


China Desk and Valuation


Internship and assistance


Our international Networking Team

Our M&A-Contacts in China

Function: Chairman & founder

China First Capital

Contact: Peter Fuhrmann

Function: Senior Director of Strategy and Corporate Development


Contact: Xiaohui Shang

Function: Director

HONG Capital

Contact: Kevin Huang

Function: Managing Director

CVC Capital

Contact: Daizon Wang

Some of our M & A Network Partners


Built in a globalized world and strengthened by the latest information technology, MergersClub was launched in January 2012 with the aim of connecting worldwide M&A professionals in a secure environment. With more than 1.200 members present in over 72 countries, MergersClub helps those professionals who work within this complicated and ever-growing sector. Its simplicity and utility, plus the fact that it was built exclusively for M&A advisors, makes MergersClub a vital tool for any professional working in the field of M&A. Thanks to the help of all club members, the daily publishing of mandates and the rapid increase of members, MergersClub is continuously growing, converting itself into the biggest and most complete international network ever built for M&A.

Msquare M&A Alliance is an extensive global connect platform for M&A Advisory Firms. The objective of the alliance is to create a win-win situation for the partners by providing them a secured platform for exchange of ideas, deal information and enable our partners to participate in deal flows across the globe. It is a non-exclusive and non-fee based Network.

Our founder Jost has a masters degree in Law (M&A) and is therefore member in the M&A Alumni Deutschland e.V. With a volume of 200 billion euros in the Federal Republic of Germany, the M&A market is a very attractive field for appropriately specialized professionals. Already in 2002 the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster has recognized this and the accredited, interdisciplinary postgraduate studies Mergers & Acquisitions launched. The contexts of this study are equally mediated by renowned scientists and experienced practitioners and include the legal and economic rationale, which should prepare the next generation of the M & A advisor to their demanding tasks.

ACG: A local community with global reach

Founded in 1954, ACG is a global organization with 56 chapters and over 14,000 members. Doing business is at the heart of the ACG membership experience. Chapters in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia bring dealmakers together to help them achieve their business and professional goals.

This return on investment has made ACG the most trusted and respected resource for middle-market dealmakers and business leaders who invest in growth and build companies. Face-to-face events, online tools, structured networking opportunities, exclusive member benefits and leading-edge market intelligence provide ACG members with powerful business-building resources.

Private equity professionals, investment bankers & intermediaries, attorneys, auditors & accountants, lenders, corporate development officers, company leaders and others focused on the middle market make ACG your resource for opportunities, capital and services. ACG brings together every segment of the growth community.

Our sectors

IT, Media + Telecommunikation

Cleantech & Energy

Chemie & Pharma


Mechanical and plant engineering


Medical & Health

Elektronic, measurement and control, automation

Automobile industry and suppliers

Retail and Consumer

Food and Agriculture

Business Principles

1. The customer is at the center of all thinking and acting. For us, cooperation means: Discreet closings, acquired confidence and – ideally – a lating business relationship.

2. When dealing with our customers, mutual respect is what counts for us, because trust is a prerequisite for mutual success. We pursue the goal of creating and securing sustainable value for our clients.

3. As business consultants, we use our comprehensive know-how for our customers. The concentration of specialist knowledge and a network of direct contacts and correspondents – especially in the area of mergers & acquisitions with strategic and institutional as well as private investors – form the basis of our actions.

4. Generally, JB Business Consulting acts on a direct mandate basis. We only reach our goal when the assigned task has been completed. We directly address selected investors in the brokerage of companies. We bring investor and seller together without this coming to the knowledge of third parties before or during the transaction. For this reason, we do not publish any success stories.

5. The pursuit of success is the driving force of the market economy; our goal is to support our customers with this goal. Our world is changing, not only through cultural diversity, globalization, climate change and resource scarcity, but also through the Internet and social media. We want to help our customers to consider these parameters in their buying and/or selling intentions.

6. In order to be successful in the future, our economy needs highly qualified entrepreneurs who think analytically, are creative and innovative. That is why we are committed to the well-being and development of our customers in this respect.

7. We are not corporate brokers, but management consultants who want to achieve successful results for our clients with precise analyses and goal-oriented strategies. For us, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions only count if they are also sustainable for our clients.