Preparing a Company for the M&A Process – Part 2

03 Mrz Preparing a Company for the M&A Process – Part 2

Dressing Up for the M&A Party – How an Investment Banker Can Help You Market Successfully. George P. Shenas, Esq. hosts David B. Duval, President of Claiborne Advisors, Inc. George and Dave discuss how to approach the marketing of a company. Dave discusses dressing up the company for the M&A party, by systematically eliminating or reducing risks that might jeopardize enterprise value. George asks how a company can identify likely buyers in the market, and Dave explains how a seller shouldnt limit itself to dealing with only one potential buyer even in situations where a buyer has initiated the process by tendering an unsolicited offer. Dave and George then each make some suggestions on where to find strategic buyers and how to identify and leverage potential synergies. Dave emphasizes the importance of having a realistic valuation of a business, as well as the potential acquisition pricing that the market will support.