Bertelsmann Stiftung: Chinese Companies in Germany

Bertelsmann Stiftung: Chinese Companies in Germany

Chinese Companies in Germany

The Bertelsmann Foundation shows, based on case studies, which management philosophies, motives, and measures allow companies to have economic success in a German-Chinese business environment. German subsidiaries of Chinese businesses or medium-sized companies in Germany that have been taken over by Chinese firms are the focus of these studies.

The goals of enriching the resources of the parent company as well as sustainably developing its competencies provide the primary motives for entering the German market. For companies such as Beijing No. 1, Lenovo, or the SGSB Group, brand and technology transfer are priorities, while local marketing and industry expertise take precedence for other firms.
By entering German markets, the Chinese hope to secure their mid and long-term competitiveness. For Haier, to name one example, Germany is “a hub for all European operations, due to its central location and essential market, making it highly relevant for reaching the entire European market.”

As confirmed by Baosteel Director Meng Ye, both rational motives – such as direct seaway connections – and cultural aspects play an important role. German strength in quality control and sustainability complement the flexibility and innovation of the Chinese. With intercultural know-how, companies can manage to use their double identity for economic success.


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